Packing List

What should I pack?

– Sleeping Bag
– Pillow
– 2 days of comfortable clothing (please note we will be traveling to different areas of campus throughout the conference, so make sure your shoes and clothes are appropriate for walking and for the weather)
– 1 banquet outfit (See FAQ for more info)
– Pajamas
– Washcloth/towel
– Soap
– Toothbrush/toothpaste
– Eyecare Items (i.e. contact solution, glasses, etc.)
– Haircare Items (i.e. brush, shampoo, etc.)
– Talent item for open mic (optional)
– Backpack or small bag
– Notebook and pen or pencil (optional)

How much should I pack?

Note the packing suggestions in the video. DO NOT PACK EXCESSIVELY.